Fedex Track your shipments. Set up accouts.

UPS Track your shipmensts. Set up accounts

DHL Track your shipments. Set up accounts.

EBN For the latest news, forecasts, and insights into the semiconductor industry. A great source to keep track of the times.

World Times Don't know what time your customer is on? Click here

Area Codes Find that area code you were looking for.

Links for manufactures can be found by clicking on their logos on our "Line Card".

Just for fun (since we all spend so much time on hold)

The New York Times The leader in world news.

Calvin and Hobbes Some cartoons to keep you laughing.

Candystand Not what you think. Flash games sponsored by Nabisco. Beware of this on though, eats up time faster than you think.

IGN Mens' network. Film, heath, video games, movies, and etc.

We have strict quailty control measures to ensure that only the highest quality parts are shipped to you.
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